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Invest with confidence - This share offer was awarded Community Share Standard Mark


St Ignatius Centre Share Offer

We aim to pay interest on the shares at a rate of 4% per year from July 2020 and rising by 0.25% per year from July 2022 to a maximum 5% per year. 

Offer Opens July 8, 2019

Community shares are a new way of raising investment capital from communities. Local people are encouraged to buy shares in the enterprise and become part-owners. 

This Share Offer seeks to raise £500,000 to fund phase 1 (former St Ignatius Rectory) of the St Ignatius Centre restoration work.

Our shares are offered as a social investment for public spirited and environmentally aware individuals and organisations and lovers of culture and heritage.

When you buy community shares, you join St Ignatius Centre as a member. Anyone over 16 can buy shares, which are sold at £1 each with a minimum investment of £100 and a maximum investment of £20,000 for individuals and £100,000 for organisations.

The share offer opens on Monday 8th July 2019 and closes when share applications reach the optimum or on 30th September 2019, whichever is the sooner.

How you can help


Buy shares and become a member of the Society, with an equal vote.....


St Ignatius Center is pleased to announce a new opportunity for your business.....


Volunteers bring varied experiences, skills and ideas to our organisation.....

This Community Share Offer has been awarded Standard Mark. The Community Share Standard Mark is awarded by the Community Shares Unit to offers that meet national standards of good practice.

The Centre is one of few surviving works of Alfred Darbyshire (1839-1908) of regional and national importance that played prominent role in WWI and WWII memorial history.


St Ignatius Walk / King Edward St, Ordsall, Salford
M5 3RG

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